Relocation of the

European medicines agency


offers the



Five reasons for choosing Copenhagen

No. 1

Copenhagen stands ready with a transition plan, which will ensure business continuity during the relocation of EMA.

No. 2

A new, modern and sustainable building with a superb location less than 10 minutes from the airport and 20 years of rent – free of charge.

No. 3

High quality of life and dedicated relocation service for employees and their families.

No. 4

Copenhagen offers support to IT transition in the last critical phase, support and counselling to EMA staff and families, and targeted talent attraction.

No. 5

A strong Life Sciences cluster – across science, education and regulatory affairs – provides an ideal ecosystem for innovation and good recruitment opportunities.

Presentation by the Prime Minister of Denmark

Use of sustainable materials in Copenhagen Towers



For information regarding relocating and further guidance on relocation issues:

The Copenhagen FAQ